William VanLandingham Passes On After Leading Valley For Decades

Tulare and the Valley mourn the loss of a great friend, character and leader and celebrate his accomplishments.

Published on 3/6, 2020 | By Blaine Manuel Leal

  Tulare lost a hero and a pioneer in the LGBTQ Community, William Van Landingham. He was a proud leader of the Pride Lions Club of Hanford. He also assisted this author when the LGBT Tulare organization was yet to be established.

Everyone who knows Van understands that he embodies everything good about the Queer Community. He was known his charming smile and ability to advocate for communities and people in the LGBTQ Community. He also participate in PFLAG where he facilitated groups to nurture family support for Queer people.

Many of his friends and loved ones have been sharing amazing photographs of Van in different locations, including receiving honors from officials in the government, as well as many others milestones during his life and career. ______________________________________________


Nightlife in chicago is second to none. This epic mid-west city, known for brews and food, also offers all-out fesivities in cool neighborhoods. This article will help you plan your next trip.

Published on September 30th, 2019 | By Blaine Manuel Leal

  One of the greatest things about Chicago is its proximity to the water. With one of the biggest great lakes, Lake Michigan, right next to this city, you can plan on being waterside during the night out. This is one of the best parts of Chicago, and I would recommend going to the ferris wheel on the pier as a wonderful nightcap!

In addition to touristy things like the ferris wheel, you can also check out one of the many dance-clubs available in Chicago. These are also right by the waterfront, and they include Smartbar, Sound Bar and Underground, just to name a few. Keep in kind, many clubs in this city don't open until 10pm and are open as late as 4am!

Chicago has  given us many game-changing inventions, including house music, deep dish pizza and improv comedy. Going to a comedy show is another great way to experience the third-largest city in America. Zanies, Laugh Factory and The Comedy Bar are all long-lasting and well-reviewed comedy clubs to fill your nights of vacation.

Of course, the LGBTQ Community is centered at the neighborhood, Boystown, where several gay clubs and bars are located. Here you'll find rainbow sidewalks, drag shows and colorful buildings steeped in history and architecture. The local transit train system allows you to easily travel throughout the city at a minimal cost, and can help make its nightlife convenient and fun.

There are so many wonderful attractions in Chicago, Illinois, making it a great choice for a travel adventure any time of the year. Also, its welcoming culture and fun-loving spirit have given rise to many things that we take for granted today. Chicago offers visitors an amazing array of activities and destinations that make it difficult to pass up!








    There are many great bars and restaurants in the Central Valley that deserve recognition not only for having positive community reputations, but also for delivering amazing dishes that take advantage of the region's culture -- and agriculture! They include bars and restaurants, sushi, calzones, fresh brews and basement thrills, all of which deserve recognition for adding vibrancy and appeal to Tulare and the surrounding Central Valley.


La Piazza, Tulare 

This Italian eatery offers ambiance and a delicious menu, conveniently located in Tulare



Barmageddon, Tulare 

A new bar location in Tulare, this fun spot has music, games and a drink list



Fugazzi’s, Visalia

Always fun and tasty, Fugazzi’s has a great reputation for solid eats and drinks



Sequoia Brewing Company, Visalia

SBC brews its own labels, from dark IPA’s to light drafts, with a Main Street locale



Sushi Kuu, Visalia

Sushi in Visalia for quick cravings and a dine-in experience



Rosa’s Italian Restaurant, Visalia

This long-time Central Valley staple has an awesome menu and a warm ambiance



Jack and Charlie’s, Visalia

A basement restaurant and bar with a mixologist vibe and high-end treats



Cellar Door, Visalia

Oft a music venue, with such big names as Tame Impala, offers artsy vibes



Republik Ultra Lounge, Visalia

This Visa establishment has drag nights and electronic music ambiance



Lush, Wine Bar, Hanford

Wine bar featuring an array of wines, bar for tasting and bottles for buy



Cosy Club, Exeter

A hip Exeter bar featuring fun atmosphere and new-age feeling



Atrigiano Espresso and Wine Bar, Exeter

Coffee drinks and wine…What more could you ask for?



The Oddfellows, Exeter

A beautiful restaurant location, coupled with tasty refreshments and cozy chairs



Last Olas Taqueria, Exeter

Fun and fast Mexican Food with artistic elements inside


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