First Openly Transgender LGBT White House Liaison Appointed

On March 14th, Raffi Freedman-Gurspan became the first transgender person to become the White House's LGBT Liason when she was appointed by President Obama. 

This position in the White House was created by President Clinton in 1995 to provide more representation of the LGBT community on issues related to the White House. 

Raffi So, who is Raffi Freedman-Gurspan?

Well, she is originally from Massachusetts, and went to college in the Midwest, Minnesota. Freedman-Gurs studied abroad in Norway during college and is a proficient Norwegian speaker!

Our new Liaison has been an LGBT advocate for a long time, which makes sense because her first internship after college had her working for the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition!

Raffi is not only the first transgender member of the White House staff, but she was also the first openly transgender legislative staffer to work in the Massachusetts House of Representatives! 

Through her work, Freedman-Gurspan has helped many communuties of color, underrepresented minorities, as well as the transgender community and the LGBT community overall! What an amazing addition to the Obama administration!


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