Adam Rippon, Olympian and LGBTQ Advocate

          This Olympics, in Pyeongchang, South Korea, one LGBTQ Athlete made headlines for standing up for our Community, in big way — in a Vice-Presidential way. Without skipping a beat, Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon of the United States harshly, but accurately, criticized the choice of Vice President Mike Pence as the head of the American delegation to the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

        In doing so, Adam Rippon became a significant LGBT Role Model. He showed that it isn’t impossible to stand up against someone orders of magnitude more powerful, if not influential. Speaking of influence, Rippon demonstrated that the individual wields the power of influence, rather than some dogmatic politics.

         After all, many of the positions that Mike Pence has discretionlessly espoused throughout his political career have been, well, illogical — inane. It is inane to presume that LGBTQ Folks are somehow less-than, or diminishable. After all, our Nation is speckled with LGBTQ Folks, from the highest chambers of power to the everyday worker. 

         Whereas Pence my dictate those utmost chambers of power, we saw in Pyeongyang the power of the individual, when Olympian Rippon wasted no time in chiming into the national conversation to much avail. It reminds the LGBTQ Community, and particularly those in and from Tulare, California, that big change is possible, from examples set by Folks like Cesar Chavez and Harvey Milk.

         Moreover, the presence of outly-LGBTQ Folks in the Olympic Games is yet further evidence of our progress and presence at this event. When the rainbow coloring of the Olympic Flag waves, it now accurately reminds the viewer of the diversity and vibrancy of the whole Olympic concept.

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