Buttigieg Candidacy Continues

The candidacy of Pete Buttigieg is historical in many ways, and he doesn't have any intention of slowing down. In fact, the race is in the getting down to the wire and Mayor Pete might be gaining momentum

Published on September 30th, 2019 | By Blaine Manuel Leal

  The 2020 presidential race has already been one of the most innovative and exciting in recent memory. With so many diverse candidates on the Democratic side, there have been historical moments that helped define this race in a new way. One of those candidates is Pete Buttigieg, who is the first gay man to reach such success in a presidential campaign.

He has already raised that bar in terms of what is expected from the LGBTQ Community in national elections. He has been seen frequently with his partner, which has created a normalizing effect on same-sex marriage and attraction across the country. He has also discussed his coming-out openly on social media and national television, doing more yet to further the rights of the queer community.

Not only that, but his candidacy shows no signs of letting up. In fact, many pundits praised his recent performance at the debate, including his presence over other candidates in the field. With a background in civic leadership in the mid-west, along with experience as in the US Military, it's no surprise he's such a popular candidate.

This election season has already made history within the LGBTQ Community. Only time will tell if this will be the year that an openly gay candidate breaks the glass ceiling in the White House. 

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