Positive LGBTQ+ Advances

HIV+ treatment and awareness has improved greatly over the decades. This has increased the quality of life and hope for the many LGBTQ+ folks, including the Positive Community.

  Although HIV and AIDS have long been considered life-changing diagnoses, the recent medical advancements in this field have improved things greatly. From better treatment and prevention, to the possiblity of a cure for HIV-positive people, this field of research is extremely promising and offers hope for many people.

For a number of years, the Truvada (AKA Prep) pill has been available for folks to reduce their risk of becoming HIV-positive. This has helped many people, as well as their partners, concerned about passing on the virus or contracting it. The Positive Community has been one of the most marginalized groups in the past, and often left out of even the LGBTQ+ Community.

In addition, new methods of possibly curing HIV has been in the news lately. This is one of the most exciting fields of medical research today, and so far two people have been successfully cured of the HIV virus. Although this still needs more research, it certainly is an area worth exploring that has brought significant hope to many.

Lastly, the treatment for HIV and AIDS has improved greatly over the years, resulting in a better quality of life and life expectancy for those with HIV and AIDS. The medications available have changed this diagnosis from a hopeless, terminal diagnosis, to something much more hopeful and promising for folks. The LGBTQ+ Community includes HIV Positive people (the plus can also refer to other communities). This website is dedicated to including this acrnoym whenever possible, which has been admittedly a deficit for this site in the past.




Tulare Community Health Clinic

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  • 3035 E Bardsley Ave, Tulare
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  • Medical Advising
  • Counseling resource information availabile on website
  • thesourcelgbt.org
  • Located at 208 Main Street, St B, Visalia

Family Services of Tulare County

  • Free counseling services for victims of bullying
  • Assault Hotline: 559-732-7371

Trevor Project

  • Crisis talk: 866-488-7386; or text: 202-304-1200

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  • Any suicide or self-harm issues: 800-273-TALK
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