Cambridge Manipula?


Cambridge Analytica: Research or  Manipulation?


     LGBTQ individuals need to be vigilant about how extremists vote; it matters because we are often targets of their bullying campaigns. And this begs the question, Did Cambridge Analytica simply appeal to Americans' baser instincts, or are they manipulators?

     Cambridge Analytica has reported using various tactics to influence voters, including through advertising campaigns, social media research and mischaracterizing political opponents. Although this may chafe against voters’ self-perception as autonomous decision-makers, it does not necessarily deviate from traditional campaign practices. Right? 

     Wrong. When the full scope and extent of Cambridge Analytica’s endeavors in the 2016 Presidential Election are considered, it is apparent that this Company; manipulated the populace; violated our privacy; and deceptively characterized Hillary Clinton.

     First, Cambridge Analytica focused attention on psychological factors of Americans, rather than any specific plan for the country besides opportunism for themselves. This is a clear indicator that they were interested only in the manipulation of the citizenry — that’s us! By pin-pointing vulnerabilities and specific insecurities, this Company demonstrated the same behavior as any abusers and manipulator, they encouraged weakness instead of strength. They tried tearing us down.

     Rather than Analytica manipulating us based on our identities and maximizing our perceived vulnerabilities, perhaps that could avoided crossing the line from opposition research to manipulation, but they didn’t. Instead, by gathering important information from Facebook Users and FB Friends, they failed to gain proper permission. This represents a massive breach of the electoral process.

     Lastly, Cambridge Analytica trespassed into the grounds of apparent manipulation by crossing ethical boundaries when characterizing Hillary Clinton dishonestly. Rather than revealing anything significant about her, they lowered themselves to artificial claims with cheap YouTube effects. They sent out chain emails and random guilt trips to elect Donald Trump. This Company is an organization whose leaders demonstrate a willingness to deceive and defame in order to turn the minds of the People. 

     They crossed the line to manipulation, thus attempting to degrade the democratic institution that will eventually rise again. Thus, those in positions of power and influence have harvested our data, used it against us, and lied about a legitimate candidate. 

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