Happy New Years!

New Years is a time for renewal, growth and commitment to your goals! In the LGBT community, this is important because we are given a chance to remember the things we are working on improving within ourselves. Here's a list of LGBT New Years resolutions for you to consider!

1. Try something new this year!

New Years is a perfect time to do something you've never done before! So whether you decide to visit the Castro District in San Francisco for the first time, or you want to see a live play this year -- make it happen! Accumulating positive experiences is a great way to prepare for any difficult time you encounter this year.

2. Give back!

Contributing to the community can be very helpful. No, not Tulare silly! I'm talking about the LGBT community! Volunteer at an HIV clinic or help out at your school's Gay Straight Alliance. Helping to build the queer community makes you feel great while improving your support network!

 3. Go on dates!

Friend with benefits are great, but how about an old-fashioned date this year? It's okay if you meet them on Tindr or Grindr, but if they're really cute, then insist on food and conversation! After all, there are only so many gay people in this world (and in Tulare), to be sure to give everyone a fair chance.

4. Teach people about LGBT issues!

Next time someone says something homophobic or insensitive around you, try teaching them the right words. I know, it's hard not to get mad! But that's the only way we can make a difference. And plus, it will make you look super mature and sophisticated. I promise :)

Happy New Years!

Love, Gay Tulare 

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