The Midterms Were So LGBTQ!

Midterm Recap: How'd we do?

The Midterm Elections provided an opportunity to engage civically in our government, for those who voted. Many of the elections across the country featured LGBTQ candidates for various state-wide polls.

So, how did the LGBTQ Community stack up? Well, it turns out we did pretty well. Even though there were both wins and losses across the board, we definitely saw some firsts and history made!

On the East Coast, Christine Hallquist became the first transgender nominee for governor of any state in the US. She ultimately lost to the incumbent in Vermont, but her run in the guber-natioral race showed that the LGBTQ Community has unlimited potential!

Kate Brown of Oregon and Jared Polis of Colorado will both be governors of their states come January, and both are part of the LGBTQ Community. Brown was re-elected in Oregon as a bi-sexual woman, and Polis was the first LGBT person elected to Congress and now is governor of his state.

Wow, so much progress! These LGBTQ candidates represent one of the important stories of the midterm elections. Congratulations to all the candidates trying to improve their country and respective region of the United States!