LGBTQ Rights in Trump Era

 LGBTQ Rights in the Era of Trump 


          In the Era of Trump, it is extremely dizzying. One policy move after another, we strive to thrive in our environment, but are often resigned to survive.


         There is a need to understand how these changes impact our Community, in order to stay informed. This need is amplified if you are a minority: a person of color, a woman or an LGBTQ individual.


          On the lines below, I outline the impact of the Trump Administration on the LGBTQ Community, policy-wise. I am as accurate and concise as possible, as well as somewhat sarcastic. ;)




  1. Mike Pence is given a global platform, which is problematic considering his stances against LGBTQ Rights.
  2. Trump deletes LGBTQ portion of White House website, which hurts a lot of young people who rely on websites for credibility and information.  
  3. Trump claims that the Transgender Community is barred from serving in the Military. This does not appear to hold up legally, logically or literally. 
  4. Many bathroom bills fall apart in State Congresses for some unknown reason. Across the nation, these crappy bills are in the shredder, where they belong.
  5. The President increasingly caters to the Evangelical Base, which makes LGBTQ Folks like this author very shifty-eyed and nervous — catlike



  1. Gar bars see hike in overall patronage!
  2. “Mike Pence” becomes trending in nothing!
  3. Everyone sees him for the asshole he really is!
  4. Early 80’s mentality of fear and assumed-reproach reemerges!
  5. Along with great coping skills related to Scream-O and Aquanet!


          These are some sobering facts; however, please remember, the LGBTQ Community is awesome and there are many, many examples of this. Besides, you are particularly awesome! 


         If you're feeling depressed and/or experiencing self-harm ideation, please reference the Health Resources Tab on this website regarding 24-hour hotlines.



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