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Transgender Oscar Nod

The Academy Award nomincations were just released, and the list of nominees included Antony Hegarty, a trangender musician who was nominated for Best Original Song. How awesome is that?!

Hegarty is the lead vocalist for the band Antony and The Johnsons. They created music for the film Racing Extinction. Hegarty wrote the lyrics for the song Mantra Ray, which was nominated for the award of Best Original Song!

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This is the second time a transgender person has been nominated for an Oscar, with the other known trans person being Angela Morley, a transgender composer who was nominated twice in the seventies.

In addition to Hagerty's nomination, this is also a big year for the transgender community because Eddie Redmayne was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his adaptation of Lily Elbe in the film The Danish Girl. Overall, this is a huge year for trans rights at the Oscars. Be sure to watch on February 28th!


New Health Clinic in Tulare

A new health clinic has opened in Tulare's west side. This new clinic is the second of three new health clinics planned for Tulare's west side, and all three clinics will be located within a mile from each other. 


The Family HealthCare Network is the organization behind this project, and they offer services essential to the LGBT community including vaccinations, STD testing, and counseling services.


The new facility is located at 263 S West Street. For more information, visit their website at www.tchci.com, or check out our "Health Resources" tab! 


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