Chapter Leader's Poetry

The Chapter Leader of LGBT Tulare, Blaine Leal, has recently released his first book of poetry, having earned a B.A. in English from Cal Poly. Many of the themes discussed are LGBTQ-related, and several narrative scenes take place in and around Tulare.

This 'chapbook' of poetry has been in-the-works for about five years, or since 2013. Along the way, Blaine has gained new ideas and a different perspective, providing an excellent background for a booklet of thoughtful and imaginative poems.

Several of the poems allude to contemporary social issues, such as climate change and the criminal justice system. Others are more personal, including those about the author's artistic process, inner dialogue and motivations. 


Within these poems, which include 'Wells', 'Eclipse', and 'Fashion Show', the reader is taken on a rhythmic journey of learning, self-discovery and imagination. As the chapbook unfolds, the topics become increasingly potent and relevant; hence, the final two poems are 'Complex Sentences' and 'War, On The Rocks', two poems about important contemporary social and political issues. This poetry collection gradually unveils different pieces of the puzzle that make this author, Blaine Leal, an 'America(n)'.

Blaine's poetry chapbook is available on Amazon Direct Publishing for five dollars, and can be found by clicking here.


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